About The Rejoice Singers

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The Lord has blessed us by opening doors and providing opportunities for us to minister with our music. We have taken this ministry to many local churches, civic organizations, hospitals, retirement centers, corporate gatherings and nursing homes. Although most of our performances take place in the Northwest Suburbs, we have traveled to eastern Indiana and several areas of Wisconsin to perform. We have been privileged to provide a program for the National Bible Conference in Green Lake, Wisconsin and perform at a Midwest Music Conference in Mt. Prospect, Illinois. We have also appeared on Channel 11's Sunday Evening Club in Chicago several times.

In some cases we have provided a full concert which replaces the traditional church service and in others we have been a part of a regular worship program. In determining how we can best serve and enhance your worship situation, we have a variety of styles of music from which we can choose.

However we participate, we pray that the program we provide will be a special worship experience, as we combine Christian music with God's word.

Most churches make donations to our ministry, some collect special offerings, and others share only their joy and warm welcome. Any money we receive offsets the cost of purchasing new music and enables us to upgrade our sound equipment.

It has been a great joy to bring our ministry to so many different people and to feel their love and warmth as we share our love of Jesus through our music.

We are grateful for any opportunity to "reach-out" with this ministry. We pray that our music will be a blessing to all who hear it.


Because of Jesus, we REJOICE!